Hunting for Beauty

The measure of your life is the amount of beauty and happiness of which you are aware.      – Agnes Martin As I was rushing out the door today, I noticed my clematis had bloomed. It was in the shape of a heart. Sometimes I play a game with myself, looking for messages in nature … More Hunting for Beauty

Scented Escapes

In our bones we need the natural curves of hills, the scent of chapparal, the whisper of pines, the possibility of wildness. We require these patches of nature for our mental health and our spiritual resilience.  –  Richard Louv Yesterday I was getting that frazzled feeling you get when you’re thinking about everything that needs … More Scented Escapes

Lucky Charms and Other Ways to Ground Yourself

Since St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, I decided that lucky charms were the perfect topic for today. Not the curiously colorful sugar cereal with mini marshmallows, but the kind they’re named after. President Obama once revealed that he kept a selection of charms in his pocket. In the particular interview I saw, … More Lucky Charms and Other Ways to Ground Yourself

3 Simple Mindfulness Techniques to Un-Rock Your World

Mindfulness is getting so much exposure right now, you might be tired of hearing about it. But I hope all the talk makes you curious instead. The thing about mindfulness is that it has been shown to make a real difference in lowering stress levels, improving mood, outlook, creativity and productivity. Who couldn’t use that? … More 3 Simple Mindfulness Techniques to Un-Rock Your World

The Best Present

Since we’re in the midst of the holidays, I’ve been thinking a lot about gifts. One of the best presents I ever received was a pile of rocks. Let me explain. It was a milestone birthday, and a few friends held a dinner party for me. As a gift, they each chose a word they … More The Best Present