Insights from parents who have been there.

Part of stress has to do with our own perceptions. If we feel threatened and unable to cope, our bodies activate the stress response. But if we are prepared, we can feel more balanced – even empowered – in the same situation. Here we break down some of the common challenges parents like us face.

3 Things Every Parent Should Know About Diagnostic Labels

When a professional evaluates your child and offers a diagnosis, it might provide some relief. Finally, your concerns and suspicions are validated — and you know what to call it. But are labels powerful or problematic?
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Understanding Grief and Acceptance

Learning that your child may have issues can be painful. Many people associate grief with death, but the loss of a way of life, an expectation, or a dream – including the dream of your idealized child – can induce grief too.
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10 Tips to Help Your Marriage / Partnership Survive and Thrive

I doubt you need statistics to know that having a child who struggles can put extra stress on a marriage. It’s not always easy to navigate when two people have different points of view. How can you build resilience, rather than fall apart?
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Supporting Siblings

When one child requires the bulk of your attention, the needs of sisters and brothers can get lost in the shuffle. Many parents worry about how siblings might be impacted, but we aren’t always aware of what to look out for, or how to support them.
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